Canal Zero 2009

João Bento/Sound and Visual works

A fusion of electronic and acoustic music combing live performance and real-time analogue images. The music takes us on a journey through sound landscapes where the enchanted meets the real. Image is used as a visual and sound instrument. Various materials (machinery, scrap, paint, etc.) are transformed on glass, taking different shapes and colours. The three performers weave a continuous, discontinuous relationship, with the image as a sculptural element of sound, and sound a component of image.(left to right) João Bento, João Bastos and Rodolfo Pimenta are responsible for Canal Zero, seeking to experiment with sound and image. It was first performed in 2004 by João Bento and João Cabaço .

Registo Fotográfico - Espaço do Tempo - Dezembro 2009


brancobento@yahoo.com /tel: 00351-962745723